Premarital Test
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In accordance with the standard measures adopted by the Ministry of Public Health, Qatar, Pre Martial Check up is the cornerstone of health care available in Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre, which has the privilege to be one of the reputed medical centre, to issue Premartial Medical Assesment Certificates for the couples who are about to marry in the state of Qatar. A premartial check up is a test that provide crucial health assesment for genetic,infectious,and transmissible disease to prevent any risk of transfering any diseases to each other and thier future generations.It should educate couples, providing accurate and unbiased information.

The test includes:

Radiation Test

Periodic health check up and Lab investigation is needed for maintaining quality occupational health especially in areas where there is risk involved like in the radiation field. The Health Care Quality Management and Patient Safety Department- Ministry of Public Health, Qatar have assigned certain institutions to issue the certificate of physical fitness after assessing the health care workers in radiation field.

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical centre is an authorized facility to do general medical checkups and lab investigation to these professionals. This is a responsible job and we consider this as an added recognition of our centre.The physical examination and the investigations required are simple ones yet potent enough to indicate the health status of the person.

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