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The Covid 19 pandemic has exerted a heavy toll on people globally. Affecting deeply every country in the world, many people have already fatally succumbed to the illness. This has sent waves of panic to people who value their health and life and those of the people they love and care about. The Google search engine has been ringing incessantly with tips on how to fight the pandemic successfully. But many of them are rumours, and not to be fully trusted. But there is one thing that you can definitely do to improve your overall health and make your body strong enough to fight the Covid 19 virus - boost immunity. 

Here are some simple tips on how to boost immunity:

Sleep well 

Each person’s body is wired differently. But there is one thing that everyone needs, and that’s sleep. Depending on your age, you need to sleep to rest your body and brain. So make sure there is at least 6-8 hours of solid sleep and rest time before you embark on your next day’s activities. 

Consuming natural ‘anti-virus’ foods 

Nature has abundantly provided us with a lot of good immune-boosting foods. One simple way would be to boil a few tulsi leaves in water and sipping it regularly. Star anise, garlic and ginger are other anti-virus food items that can flush out the toxins in the body. Consuming about 30ml of fresh alma juice would also be a good idea. And of course, check your blood levels to ensure there aren’t any nutritional deficiencies that would make you susceptible to viruses and bacteria; so concentrate on having a balanced meal daily. 

Be active

Physical activity can boost your immunity because your body would actively increase the production of antibodies in your body. Sweating can help remove the toxins in your body and energise your cells. Exercising can lower the stress hormones in the body and control the adrenaline and cortisone levels, which in turn, can strengthen the immune system in your body. Walking, cycling, jogging, running and swimming are exercises that you can indulge in 3-4 times a week to maintain good health. 

Keep your mind also in good spirits

Our mind is really so powerful so if you can keep it engaged and happy, then it would really help in keeping your immune system high. If you are sitting at home with more free time in your hands, then try learning a new language, or develop a new hobby; anything to keep your mind engaged and happy. When you are happy, naturally, your mind will be relaxed. Even though events and functions are restricted, you can meet your friends by keeping in mind the rules of social distancing and by adhering to the Covid 19 protocols. This is a great stress buster that can boost your immune system.

Maintain a healthy weight

It is possible to maintain health and look healthy so try to avoid refined foods, sugary drinks and fried snacks as much as possible. Eating a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts would give you a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins needed to boost your immune system.  If the levels are low, then you might have to take supplements to make it balanced. 

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