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Naseem Medical Centre At C-Ring Is Qatar's Largest Private Medical Centre With JCI Accreditation For Ambulatory Care Services

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre, C Ring is the Largest JCI Accredited Private Medical Centre in Qatar, consisting of a team of medical experts who practice this noble profession with integrity and solicitude, keeping the sole goal in mind of providing the best quality health services along with the state of the art infrastructure.

Our Medical Centres in Qatar are infused with an artistic atmosphere designed to soothe and comfort. Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centres has been making benchmarks in the rapidly changing healthcare scenario in Qatar! At Naseem Al Rabeeh, the personal bond between the patient and the doctor is of elemental importance and it’s our primary concern too.

The JCI Accredited Qatar Medical Centre, C Ring, has ample syndication and tie up with all major Medical Insurance Companies in Qatar which enables us to offer appropriate and accessible services at adequate rates. Our clinic accomplishes a broad scale of diagnostic, interventional, and surgical techniques and in recognition of its expertise and commitment to quality is the faith that the people have.

As we have entered the new golden age our Medical Centers in Qatar swiftly winds its way through an accelerating sequence of changes. Our medical professionals have worked with pride to help Naseem Al Rabeeh grow and evolve. They have identified the growing medical demands and are already setting benchmarks to provide unprecedented care.

As they relentlessly strive to execute their ideology in providing care beyond the hospital, the Qatar Medical Centre is quickly emerging to best the first choice in patient minds. We make sure to adhere to strict and ethical medical practices and work hard to be the best among all the hospitals in Qatar.

This is done in a simple, but disciplined manner. The plethora of pioneering vision along with practices in a professional ambience, helps our doctors concentrate on the patient, without compromising the quality of care. The hospital in Qatar has an exceptional paramedical support system, followed by fully equipped modern intensive care rooms and systems, state-of-the-art trauma are unit to ensure affordable, accessible healthcare for all.

Qatar Medical Centre is served with futuristic materials that are handled and assisted by a team of certified authorities with utmost love, attention, respect, and responsibility.


Naseem Medical Centre at C-Ring is Qatar's Largest Private Medical Centre with JCI Accreditation for Ambulatory Care Services.

We had also received accreditation from Joint Commission International ( JCI ), one of the top-grade recognition for best practices in quality and patient safety. The JCI accreditation reiterates Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical Centre, C ring constant endeavor to provide the patients with the highest quality of care and ensuring the safety of each aspect. The JCI standards focus on areas that directly impact patient care such as patient experience and feedback, infection control, patient and family rights, and patient awareness initiatives.

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