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Mohammad Miandad V.P

Managing Director.

Providing only the best...

Naseem Al Rabeeh Medical group was born out of a desire to provide cost-effective yet specialized and superior quality healthcare services complemented by personalized care and individual attention to each patient with an unparalleled commitment and passion to serve the medical needs of the growing & vibrant population in the state of Qatar.

Naseem Al Rabeeh has already garnered its own name on the utmost dedication of our medical staff in attending closely to each of our patient's medical needs with compassion, respect and dignity. All facilities and services at Naseem Al Rabeeh have been designed and tailor made to suit the patients need and demands. We constantly keep ourselves open to latest developments in Medicine and Healthcare service industry standards and adopt best practices in order to improvise our own service delivery standards.

Our objectives:

  • To be in the top Medical Centres in Qatar for clinical quality, meeting national requirements and local expectations.
  • To be in the top Medical Centres in Qatar for customer satisfaction, learning and improving through constructive engagement and collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • To be in the top Medical Centres in Qatar for staff satisfaction with staff being fully supported, trained and developed to achieve high levels of performance and deliver high quality patient care and supporting services.
  • To provide high quality, convenient services to the local community and to patients from across the world by harnessing the expertise of our clinicians.

Our experienced executive team is responsible for making sure that the centres run safely, that our world-class Consultants and Nursing staff and other Paramedical staff treat patients with the highest standards of care, and that our facilities are up to date and well maintained. We are proud of our achievements so far and look forward to further improvements with continued commitment to provide the best of health care towards serving the humanity.

Mohammad Miandad V.P
Managing Director.


Naseem Al Rabeeh provide affordable, safe and quality healthcare for all.


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