Our General Medicine Department are handled by General Practitioner(GP) who diagnose complex and chronic illnes and create preventive care and health related education to patients.They are called General Internists.The team also contains other Doctors, Nurses, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, Occupational and Psychotherapist. Our team of Physicians are working 7 days a week.Naseem AlRabeeh medical centre have a comprehensive approach to providing medical care, which is patient centric.

Our general medicine department provides preventive medical care and dedicated understanding and managing of all aspects of general health care. Experienced general physicians provide specialized service across health and illness, delivering multidisciplinary medical care.

The Department of General Medicine specialises in various diseases that affect the body, with the primary treatment being non-surgical. General physicians have a broad range of expertise so that they can deal with the entire range of the patient’s medical problems. In our clinic, we employ a patient-centric approach to treatment which makes for a comfortable environment for the patients. Our highly qualified team of doctors, with our state of the art medical equipment, ensure our patients with trustable diagnoses and treatment. The patients are provided with expert care from doctors who are dedicated in providing the best service they can.

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