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General Medicine

Outpatient Departments

General Medicine

Our full time family practice physicians are available for 7 days of the week. They manage all general ailments including acute illnesses like cold or flu and others. A team of experienced and highly qualified general physicians run this department, and are usually the first point of contact for many patients at Naseem Al Rabeeh.

Services provided by our general physicians are

  • Manage a wide range of medical conditions.
  • Conduct health check-ups for individuals and corporate clients. Patients often see family practice doctors on a long-term basis for routine checkups and to receive initial evaluations of conditions before being referred to specialists.
  • Perform or request diagnostic tests, prescribe treatment and medication, administer vaccinations.
  • Additionally, they educate patients in disease prevention and health maintenance.


Naseem Al Rabeeh provide affordable, safe and quality healthcare for all.


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