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Healthy teeth will keep your body healthy too because, without oral hygiene, you cannot have good body health. Proper dental checkups, excellent diet and exercise and dental hygiene will require a lifetime of care, but definitely worth the effort. Gum diseases can lead to other diseases, including heart diseases. Following oral health in the proper manner will avoid toothaches, gum diseases, cavities and even tooth loss.

Tips on better teeth health

Children should be taught the secrets of teeth health

Start your child early on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. The care should be given the moment your child’s first teeth appear, which is at 6 months. Teach your child to brush, but supervise them closely. For very small children, wiping the teeth with a clean, damp cloth would be just fine. 

Protective coating by the time the child is 6

It would be advisable to seal the chewing surfaces with a protective coating to prevent tooth decay in the pits and fissures. You can talk to your dentist regarding this once the permanent molars come in. 

Brush twice a day, floss daily

This goes for both children and adults. It is important not to be lazy, but spend 2-3 minutes of time every day, brushing your teeth in the proper manner and then floss. Change the toothbrushes every 3-4 months, and if you have trouble holding a brush, use an electric toothbrush. Regular brushing and flossing will prevent plaque formation, if not cavities will form, and you will need to seek treatment for the same. 

Getting a fluoride treatment

If you have a dry mouth as a result of some medication or medical condition, then you might need to use fluoride toothpaste. It is also advisable to get a fluoride treatment as an in-office visit or use a fluoride-based mouth rinse. 

The tongue

Often people remember to brush their teeth and do regular flossing, but neglect to clean the plaque off their tongue. Not only would this plaque stay on the tongue, but the bacteria action on it would lead to mouth odour and oral health issues.


 Eating a balanced meal

Following healthy nutrition will benefit not just your body and overall health, but your teeth too. The food that you choose matters a lot, so while you keep to your required calorie count, it is important to include nutrient-dense foods. And for better teeth health, cut down on too much sodium, sugary snacks and salt. 

Implant treatments for teeth health

Implants are a safe way to improve your teeth health. Once you lose a tooth, it is important to replace the missing tooth by visiting a good and qualified dentist. Failing to do so could affect the way you look, your gum health, causing it to recede, so implants are a great way to prevent that. Implants must be maintained well if they are to last well and serve its purpose.

If you are looking for the best implant treatments in Qatar, you’ve come to the right place at Naseem Al Rabeeh. We have an excellent team of certified dentists and dental hygienists to guide you and to teach you oral habits that would improve your health in the long run.  

Apart from all this, it is important to visit your dentist twice a year for regular dental checkups. Regular check-ups, quitting smoking and alcohol, avoiding sugary, salty snacks, and carbonated drinks would really help you have happy teeth. 

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