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Implant Treatments in Qatar are done to replace missing teeth in adults, and also to help stabilise a denture to increase its functionality and comfort factor. However, to ensure the longevity of the dental implants, it is important to keep them clean and free from bacteria build-up and plaque. Failure to keeping the implants clean and hygienic will lead to infection in tissues and diseases. 

Follow the simple tips below to keep the implants clean:

A soft nylon brush

You might have to switch your old hard toothbrush to one with softer bristles after getting dental implants. It is important to keep the brush pliable and gentle in those areas of the mouth. While choosing a toothbrush, remember to use one that can reach in hard-to-reach areas around the implants. It is also safe to use Oscillating-rotating electric toothbrushes (OR) and sonic toothbrushes (ST) for brushing your teeth.

Floss regularly

People with dental implants must floss daily to remove the plaque and the bacteria that may build up around the area. There are flosses that are intended for dental plant areas, so you can get one of those, and get going. 

Avoid abrasive teeth cleaning products

Abrasive products can lead to discomfort. While oral hygiene products are good for the mouth, make sure they don’t have distinct flavours like mint and cinnamon as they can be uncomfortable. 

Oral irrigator

An oral irrigator is another safe and effective method to clean the implants. They can remove the stubborn plaque build-ups and keep gingivitis at bay. 

Avoid sticky and hard foods

Hard candies, potato chips, ice, caramel, dried fruit, and anything and everything that sticks to the implants are harmful. Avoid these and your implants will last really long. 

Avoid alcohol & smoking

Dental implants need a time period of 6 months to heal, so you will have to avoid alcohol and smoking, or the healing process will be really slow. And even after the implants are healed, these are just not good for your dental health. 

Besides cleaning them regularly, dental implant patients must avoid using their teeth in activities like biting nails, chewing on pencils (bad habits, of course) and tearing off pieces of tape. With proper care and cleaning, these implants can certainly last a lifetime. 

With plaque build, eventually, you will be subjected to gum inflammation around the implant area, and also another condition known as peri-implantitis. This is a condition leading to bone-loss around implants. When you clean the implants pay special attention to the areas where the gums and implants meet. This could be hard to see when you are flossing at home, so once in a while, you can visit a dental professional for a professional cleaning job. In case you have pain or inflammation, visit the dental hygienist immediately. 

What’s different from cleaning dental implants and natural teeth?

Cleaning for your implants and cleaning for your natural teeth are different. This is because implants are attached to the surrounding bone and gums in a different manner. And the materials of the implants themselves are different from the natural teeth. The implants replace the root parts of your teeth, so they must be cared for very diligently. 

When you visit the Naseem Al Rabeeh dental centre in Doha, the dental hygienist will educate you on the importance of keeping your dental implants clean and disease-free and other methods and tips. This is paramount to your implant health and eventually, your health because the health of your teeth and gums is directly related to your general health too. 

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